10:00 am, Feb 11

Coffee Seed-to-Cup


Shannon McIntush, Friday Coffee Roasters
Explore the journey of a coffee bean – so many hands have brought forth this sacred delicacy - from a seedling on a coffee farm in the Coffee Belt to your lips. An exceptional opportunity to discover the changes a coffee berry encounters while observing a hand-crafted roast on an Ikawa coffee roaster.

 10:30 am, Feb 11

How to: Espresso & Moka Pot


Sylvia Miller, San Antonio Barista Academy
Why do coffee aficionados treasure the espresso experience so much? Discover expert tips & tricks on mastering the art & science of pulling that perfect shot. Harness the power of a moka pot (aka stovetop espresso). Hands-on opportunities for participation are one of Sylvia's many specialties in teaching San Antonio coffee-lovers and aspiring baristas!

 11:00 am, Feb 11

Coffee Culinary Creations


Andrea Ley, Olla Express Café
Isela Hernandez, HERNÁN
Immerse yourself at the intersection of coffee and culture with this round-up of two beloved culinary coffee recipe traditions from Mexico: Café de Olla and Mexican Hot Chocolate "Con Cafe" c/o two beloved San Antonio entrepreneurial coffee connoisseurs.

 11:30 am, Feb 11

Health Benefits of Coffee


Wendy Krabbe, Weight Loss with Wendy
Soak up the long list of health benefits of drinking coffee, offering you all the more reason to get brewing! Deep-dive into scientific research highlighting: Enhanced energy levels, reduced body fat, enhanced heart health, increased focus and clarity, reduced risk of: diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.

 12:00 pm, Feb 11

Coffee Filters


Corina Guillory, CoffeeSock
Brewing with the CoffeeSock: Organic Fabric, Rich, Clean, Honest, Economical, Organic Environmentally-Friendly, Rewarding Ritual - sewn and packaged by happy human beings making a fair and living wage. A special love for the beach and commitment to a world with less trash is the inspiration for this remarkably impressive filter.

 12:30 pm, Feb 11

Brewing: Clever & Chemex


Linda Brewster, Texas Coffee Trail
The founder of the San Antonio Coffee Festival and the "Texas Coffee Trail” showcases the art and science of brewing coffee using a Chemex and a Clever. Come experience craft coffee brewing at its finest here in the San Antonio coffee scene - with gratitude and mindfulness.

 1:00 pm, Feb 11

Live Life Boldly in the Coffee Industry!


Laurel Winslow, Wicked Voodoo Espresso
Share the thrilling journey of a career in coffee....a cauldron of love and a whole lot of magic! Celebrate the power of “Living Life Boldly” and making the most of opportunities imbued with coffee. With a keen commitment to team members and a fanatical focus on the highest quality ingredients and consistency, Laurel strives to offer an uplifting and satisfying experience for each customer every time. Look forward to a lively and engaging time with this popular expert motivational speaker who will delight you with tales and behind-the-scenes ways to embrace coffee as a reminder to enjoy and appreciate life!

 1:30 pm, Feb 11

"Ready-to-Drink" Coffee


Stephanie Thornton, Finlays
An extraordinary guided sensory workshop: focusing on the variety of processing methods featured in the exploding "ready-to-drink"' coffee segment. Enjoy an exceptional interactive opportunity to participate in an extraordinary guided tasting extravaganza, highlighting varied sensory components. Your tastebuds will come alive - enjoying products from Finlay's expansive San Antonio manufacturing facility, led by a tenacious technical scientist skilled in the science of product development and adept at developing and commercializing international products targeting at increasing customer engagement.

 2:00 pm, Feb 11

Coffee Roasting


Don Counts, KIVA Coffee Roasters
Embark on an adventure to witness the joyful transformation of coffee beans roasting c/o the Fresh Roast SR800, followed by brewing into precious "liquid gold". Just as a grape’s origin drives a wine’s taste profile, coffee beans from around the globe offer a wide-range of tasting notes. Discover the elements of coffee: aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and aftertaste.

 2:30 pm, Feb 11

Specialty Coffee Cocktails


James Mireles, Pulp Coffee Roasters
Greg Brewster, Valhalla Vodka
Discover "What's so special about specialty coffee?" then plunge into relishing an espresso martini crafted with Valhalla Vodka: Lava rock from Iceland's sacred Fagradalsfjall volcano filters this Swedish wheat vodka via a patent-pending process yielding an unfathomable "velvety-smooth" profile. Heavenly concoctions of coffee and liquors is far from new, but the spike in growth of coffee cocktails continues to be remarkable. Come share the passion for craft cocktails - a divine mixture of coffee to quicken one's pace swirled with sumptuous liquors to relax and soothe. Makes for a perfect blend to infuse spirited intellectual conversations swi rled with refreshing quiet moments for savoring special moments. Let us gather to wrap-up the 10th annual 2023 San Antonio COFFEE Festival with a heart-warming: "Skål!”