Roasters are the real rock-stars of this festival! Your support of these local businesses as they nourish the exploding coffee scene here in San Antonio is why we gather to showcase the best and brightest in our local communities and pause to appreciate and acknowledge the many hands that steer these beloved magical Arabica beans from the crops of the global Coffee Belt to our lips here today in Travis Park. Roasting coffee is an art and a science - driven by a passion to connect people and savor the sacredness of life...which is precisely why San Antonio is perfectly suited to be an international leader in the "fourth wave" of the specialty coffee movement. Cheers to the San Antonio Coffee Festival's "2023 Specialty Coffee Tasting Flight"!

Bay Brew and Third Day Coffee

  1. Seguin Pecan Medium Roast - This coffee is from Cerro Bueno Honduras and grown at 1450 meters. It is smoked using real Seguin Pecans.

  2. Texas Bay Brew Medium Roast - This coffee is a perfect Honduran Red Lempira coffee grown at 1150 meters in Los Mangols, Honduras and roasted over recall South Texas Mesquite harvested in Seguin, Texas.

Berry to Bean Coffee House

  1. Weathered Hands Coffee

  2. Akhanay Coffee

Black Bexar Coffee

  1. Texas Honey Roast - Specifically Chosen by Black Bexar Coffee, the Costa Rican Honey Processed Coffee Bean:

    This coffee was selected for its incredibly exceptional cup profile. Given the uniqueness and complexity of the honey process, no two honey coffees are alike. This craft process starts with the strict selection of perfectly ripe cherries; once the coffee is de-pulped, the mucilage is left on, allowing the natural sugars to enhance the coffee's sweetness. The coffee is then dried on African beds or patios, allowing the coffee to dry in a slow and even way. “Black Bexar Coffee team will be in Costa Rica in March of 2023, visiting the specific farm our beans are grown! Keeping to our values of responsibly sourced beans!

    What are Honey Roast Coffee Beans? It is a process known for its use of the processing style. After the coffee bean cherry is de-pulped – after the fruit has been stripped off of the beans – the sticky "mucilage" the covering of the bean is left intact, instead of being immediately washed away as it is with a standard “washed coffee,” leaving the Honey of the bean!

    Leaving that coat on the bean gives the coffee a sweeter taste or honey-like taste. Honey processing has its roots in Costa Rica but spread to other countries in Central America and other countries and places.

    In addition to its distinctive taste, it has the environmental benefit of using less water during processing, thus adding conservation of our environment. This, along with our eco-friendly, gas and oil-free roasters, complement our "Texas Honey Roast Coffee."

    Specifically Chosen by Black Bexar Coffee our “Texas Honey Roast beans” is rated at 85 and Above Cup Level Coffee. We offer, Light, Medium and Dark Roasts!

Breakaway Coffee Co.

  1. ETHIOPIA Sidamo - An African washed process coffee with citrus acidity, and stone fruit notes

  2. BURUNDI Kayanza - An african washed process coffee with tobacco and honey dew melon, citrus notes of grapefruit, sharp lemon, apple, and vanilla.

  3. El Salvador Finca Miravalle Tabi - An El Salvador washed process coffee with notes of Dutch cocoa, Brazil nut, chocolate covered raisin, flourless torte, moderate acidity.

Café Azteca

  1. Chiapas

Cafe Cultura Coffee Roasters

  1. Huehuetenango - Medium/Dark Roast - Pronounced: (weh-weh teh naan go) A coffee rich in chocolately, nutty , caramel, and dark-brown sugar notes. A coffee is a great pick me up for your morning as an espresso, french press, or drip. Roasted to a medium-dark, this is a Cafe Cultura favorite and our flagship roast! This coffee grown by micro cooperatives in the Guatemalan highlands of Huehuetenango. One of the few regions that does not have volcanic soil, however the altitude creates a perfect coffee growing microclimate. Most producers in this region are small family owned farms that form cooperatives to increase their production volumes. Process: Washed Altitude: 1,300 - 1,900 meters Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

  2. Lago Atitlan Natural- Medium/Light - If you're a fan of bright and fruity coffee's, our natural coffee's are for you! Natural process is a form of coffee processing, where the cherry is left to dry and ferment on the coffee bean and then shelled. This allows the coffee bean to absorb the sugars and aromatics of the coffee fruit. This coffee is grown and cultivated by the Mayan indigenous cooperative of Ijat'z (Pronounced: ee-hahts) and is named after it's region: Lago Atitlan (Lake Atitlan) a crater lake, surrounded by 3 majestic volcanoes: Toliman, Atitlan, and San Pedro, making it the richest volcanic soil and a perfect microclimate for coffee. *This is a new and limited time roast, which will be available to purchase for the first time at the festival* Process: Natural Altitude: 1,500-1,900 Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache

  3. Antigua Natural - Medium/Light - If you're a fan of bright and fruity coffee's, our natural coffee's are for you! Natural process is a form of coffee processing, where the cherry is left to dry and ferment on the coffee bean and then shelled. This allows the coffee bean to absorb the sugars and aromatics of the coffee fruit. This coffee is grown and cultivated in the same region of Ciudad Vieja, and by the cooperative: Coffee Growers of San Miguel Escobar a quaint colonial town that sits at the base of the Agua Volcano. It's grown, cultivated, and processed by individual families on lands that have been passed down generations. *This is a new and limited time roast, which will be available to purchase for the first time at the festival* Process: Natural Altitude: 1,500 - 2,000 Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon

Cafetos Roaster Company

  1. Maragogipe - NATURAL Double fermentation ProcessMaragogipe beans are especially large, and the plant also has unusually large spacing between internodes and leaf size. Its flavor is very mild with a subtle sweet acidity. Suddenly bright with a rather notorious fresh oaky sensation.

  2. Caturra- Natural Process - Our Naturally processed coffee highlights its sweet cherry flavor. When roasted, the sugars caramelize, creating a coffee that naturally tastes like sweet, candied berries.

  3. Caturra-Catuai- Washed Process - Our Washed process delivers clarity and vibrant notes in each cup you brew. Incredibly rich, our coffee pleases the front and back palates with initial notes of milk chocolate, followed by hints of citrus and finishing with slight flavors of roasted hazelnuts.

Cafetto Specialty Coffee

  1. Finca Miraflores Microlot - Variety: Castillo Red Borbon. Taste: sweet, green apple, chocolate, citrus fruit. Dark or medium roast. Whole bean or ground coffee.

  2. Finca Palmerita Microlot - Variety: Colombia. Taste: Floral, sugar cane, medium acidity. Medium roast. Whole bean or ground coffee.

  3. La Victoria Microlot - Variety: Caturra. Taste: Floral, mango , caramel, citric acidity. Medium roast. Whole bean or ground coffee.

Classic Rock Coffee Co.

  1. Breakfast in America - Light roast brazil; Sierra Negra Tasting Notes: Sweet, nutty, citron

  2. Barracuda Bite - Light roast, Ethiopia; Yirgacheffe Tasting Notes: Blueberry, bergamot, floral

  3. Living After Midnight - Med-dark roast Sumatra Tasting Notes: Herb, honey, pipe tobacco

  4. Back in Black: Dark roast Guatemala - Huehuetenango Tasting Notes: Bakers chocolate, caramel, hint of lemon

Coffee Me Crazy

  1. Costa Rica Tarraz San Diego Honey 2022 - Medium-dark roast - Stone Fruit, Citrus, Almond, Honey

  2. ETHIOPIA GUJI G1 ORGANIC MORMORA NATURAL 2022 - Light-medium roast - Strawberry, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Black Tea, Cane Sugar

  3. GUATEMALA BAJA VERAPAZ CUBULCO 2022 - Medium roast, Cocoa Powder, Citrus, Roasted Almond, Cane Sugar

Concerto Coffee

  1. Southern Pecan - Take a sip and feel the bass chords with this deep, rich blend. You'll be reminded of all those bluesy rifts when you indulge in this Southern inspired favorite! This nutty roast harmonizes brown sugar and toasted pecan flavors for the perfect Deep South blend.

  2. Chavela's Chocolate - This coffee was created to bring that close to home, abuela prepared, hot chocolate flavor to coffee. You'll taste, velvety dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Best enjoyed while listening to your favorite Vicente Fernndez song. <3

Creature Coffee Co

  1. Cocoa Tango - ASPROGUATE, San Martin Jilotepeque, Antigua, Guatemala (Washed)
    Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Walnut Crumble, Gooey
    Description: Organized back in 2014, the ASPROGUATE Asociación is a collective of small, independent, organic coffee producers. Beyond their dedication to Mother Earth through sustainable practices, they are strong supporters of gender equality (55% of their producing members are women) and they reject all forms of discrimination, (90% of their producing members belong to the Cakchiquel and Tzutujil ethnicities). We rate this coffee so highly, we reserve our coffee direct, for every single harvest (see website for full info).

  2. Andes 3000 - Las Casiana, Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia (Washed)
    Tasting notes: Dried Plums | Brown Sugar | Crisp
    Description: La Casiana is known for soft, washed coffees that maintain a brilliant acidity, round balanced body, and aromas that can wrap you up like a warm blanket on a cold day in the Andes. Three generations of coffee growers, all convinced that it is their duty to hand over land that is better than they received. Three generations committed to sustainability. And now, their newest generation is committed to the Rainforest standard (see website for full info).

  3. Oro Goro - Desta Dukale, Hambela, Guji, Ethiopia (Natural)
    Tasting Notes: Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry, Juicy.
    Description: Desta Dukale's tiny, 10-acre farm is perched at over 2,200 meters above sea level, producing incredible, world famous coffees. Distinct from its notable neighbors, this coffee bursts with complex acidity and a velvety sweetness reminiscent of fruit juice. A truly golden cup! (see website for full info).

Dos Perros

  1. Java - single origin coffee from the Indonesian region of Kayumas. This organic coffee is of Typica variety with full body, medium balance and sweetness. Cupping notes include baking spice, light chocolate. Good with medium to darker roasts. A great cup of coffee anytime of the day!

  2. Costa Rican - This well balanced Caturra variety hails from the beautiful La Minita Tarrazu farm. This Rainforest Certified Alliance coffee brings exceptional balance with cupping notes of citrus, carmelized sugar and chocolate with a smooth finish. Que Rico!

  3. Yemen - This Dawaery, Tuffahi variety is from the Hajjah region of Yemen, the birthplace of coffee. This difficult to source coffee carries a medium sweetness and balance with cupping notes of blueberry, dried strawberry, anise, and dark chocolate. Enjoy a cup with an evening dessert!

  4. Fiesta Blend - A San Antonio original! Created with love by the Dos Perros Coffee family. This blend of Indonesian and Central American coffees creates the perfect combination of liveliness, balance, and fun...just like our San Antonio Fiesta that we all know and love. Coffee in one hand, Churro in the other...Viva Fiesta!!!


  1. Mexican Hot Chocolate -Organic cacao harvested in bio diversified plantation in Chiapas, Mexico combined with cinnamon & cane sugar. 100% natural!

  2. Mexican Hot Chocolate "con Café" - Organic cacao harvested in bio diversified plantation in Chiapas, Mexico combined with Coffee & cane sugar. 100% natural Mexican Mocha!

Jacobs Bear Coffee Roastery

  1. UGANDA RWENZORI - Notes: Wine, Grape, Brown Sugar, Caramel. 1,900 masl, Process: Natural

Merit Coffee Co

  1. Claudio Perez - Lempira, Honduras. Washed process. A very traditional profile, balanced, sweet with floral overtones and hints of sweet spice.

  2. Nahun Fernandez - Santa Barbara, Honduras. Washed process. Clean and balanced with notes of Honey, Jasmine, and Tangerine.

  3. Basha Bekele - Sidama, Ethiopia. Natural process. Fruit forward, Blueberry Raspberry jam, and Honeydew.

Minutiae Coffee Roasters

  1. Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe - The town of Yirgacheffe is in Ethiopia's Sidamo region which produces some of the highest quality coffees in the world. This beautiful coffee is washed processed, complex yet well-balanced. Silky texture with notes of chocolate, heavy fruit, and sweet honey. Enjoy the long, lingering finish. Great as regular brewed coffee or iced coffee.

  2. Gratitude Blend - We call it Gratitude because it symbolizes everything we're thankful for. As roasters we are thankful for the farmers that grow and nurture our coffee, for the coffee lovers who enjoy our coffee, and the partners who source our beans. Gratitude is a blend of South/Central American coffees with flavor notes of molasses, granola, cocoa, and orange zest. This coffee hits just right any time of day and feels like a warm hug! Great as regular drip coffee or espresso.

  3. Mexico - Chiapas - From the Soconusco region of Chiapas produced by smallholders in association with cooperatives that help maintain sustainability. This is a wash processed coffee grown in extremely high altitudes, which brings out the chocolate and nutty notes with a hint of citrus. This is a smooth, well-rounded coffee excellent as a regular brew, cold brew, or espresso.

  4. Get Crackin' House Blend - Developed exclusively for the Cracked Mug Coffee House in Helotes, Texas. The Get Crackin? House Blend is a smooth and hearty medium roast, with flavor notes of caramel and brown sugar. This blend leaves a lingering impression that will have you coming back for more! It's just what you need to get your morning started.

Olla Express Cafe

  1. Cafe de Olla Valentina - Coffee w/spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger and orange sweetened with our signature piloncillo syrup)

  2. Mezcal Infused Cafe de Olla - Smoky coffee w/spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger and orange sweetened with our signature piloncillo syrup)

  3. Cafe de Olla Frida - Coffee w/spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger and anise sweetened with our signature piloncillo syrup)

  4. Tequila Infused Cafe de Olla - Citrusy Coffee w/spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger and citrics sweetened with agave and our signature piloncillo syrup)

Pop Smoke Coffee Co

  1. Pop Smoke Coffee

Pulp Coffee Roasters

  1. La Casa Washed - Central America - Tasting notes: Cinnamon, Honey, Red Grape

  2. Kayon Mountain - Natural | Gugi Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Blueberry, Cocoa

  3. Finca Santa Isabel Natural - San Miguel/El Salvador - Tasting Notes: Molasses, Honey, Raisin

  4. Popayan Reserve Decaf Sugar Washed - Tolima/Colombia - Tasting notes: Brown Sugar, Orange Marmalade

Puro Nitro

  1. Puro Nitro Flash Brew Nitro CoffeePuro Nitro Coffee is a hand-crafted beverage that is hot-brewed and flash-chilled. By using this technique, we are able to better extract the rich flavor of the coffee which when spiced with cinnamon and vanilla creates a delicious flavor profile. Nitrogen is introduced to smooth out any bitterness and provide a silky texture for the ultimate coffee experience.

  2. Puro Nitro Roast

  3. Puro Nitro Coffee

  4. Puro Nitro Roast

Quantum Coffee Roasters

  1. Colombia – Natural - Finca Vista Hermosa – Don Luis – Cafe Quintanilla - natural processed with medium acidity and body, medium roast; fruity and floral with notes of caramel, strawberry, stone fruit and milk chocolate

  2. Colombia – Honey – Finca Vista Hermosa – Don Amado – Café Quintanilla - Light roast, honey processed with bright acidity and medium body, light/medium roast; tropical fruit notes of pineapple with a honey sweetness

  3. Point Blend – Washed/Natural - @justthedrip - washed processed with mild acidity and medium body, medium plus roast; balanced notes of cacao, caramel and walnut

  4. Papua New Guinea – Washed – Lahamenegu - washed processed peaberry with mild acidity and rich body, bold roast; robust, dark chocolate, cola, maple, dried fruit

Rabusta Coffee & Trading Company

  1. Civet Coffee - The most expensive coffee in the planet.

  2. Pinoy Brew Coffee - A speciality coffee from the Philippines.

Springtown Roasters

Booth 1
  1. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural process - Woman Producer - The birthplace of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia has many distinctive regional varieties across the country. The Yirgacheffe region, located in Southern Ethiopia, is known for producing mellow flavorful coffees. Women producer Tsigue Jigso Oda owns & operates the farm with the help of her children and extended family. She was voted most successful farmer in her locality and has a special permit to export her coffee directly. A smooth cup with notes of rich chocolate, berries and almonds, this coffee is sure to win you over!

  2. West Java Honey - Coffee has old roots in Java, stemming from the early 1700s when Yemeni coffee seedlings arrived in Indonesia via trade with India. The Dutch East India Company propelled both coffee production and trade between Java and Europe, cementing Java's legendary status as the first origin to widely cultivate coffee outside of Ethiopia and Arabia. On the Blue Sunda estate in West Java, the terrain is so steep that coffee cherries are harvested and transported by scooter instead of four-wheel-drive vehicles. A bright cup with creamy mouthfeel, hinted with earthy notes of dark chocolate, flowers, and spices, this coffee will transport you back in time to the true beginnings of a Mocha Java coffee!

  3. Papua New Guinea Dark Roast - In the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Keto Tapasi Progress Association has over 325 members who collaborate despite the vast differences in culture and language between their heritage groups. The smallholder farmers rely on sustenance farming on garden-like plots with coffee trees planted around the home. Each farmer depulps, washes, & dries their own harvested beans before taking the Fair Trade Organic coffee to the mill. A lively cup with hints of tropical fruit, nutmeg, and toffee, this coffee will keep you motivated all day long!

  4. Coffee Soda - Come find out what all the craze is about! A refreshing and exciting coffee drink created by the master roaster of Springtown Roasters. We created a special blend of natural processed coffee and combined it with CO2 to bring you the most exhilarating new way to drink coffee. Perfect to quench your thirst on a hot Texas day, served over ice this coffee will put some focus to your fun! We present the coffee soda unsweetened, but with a bit of simple syrup added and even a dash of cream it takes the experience to a whole new level. Find out which way you like it best!

Texas Grounds Coffee Company

  1. Republic: A blend of Guatemalan, Colombian, and Ethiopian beans - The flavor starts off chocolatey, then smoothly transitions into a bright finish. Roasted to a perfect medium!

  2. Come and Take It - A blend of Guatemalan, Colombian, and Ethiopian beans. The flavor starts off chocolatey, then smoothly transitions to a bright finish. Roasted to a perfect dark!

  3. Single-Origin Ethiopian - A bright, floral flavor hits your taste buds with this single-origin Ethiopian roast. Roasted to a perfect light roast!

  4. Single-Origin Colombian - This single origin coffee is no-nonsense. 100% Colombian coffee, smooth, traditional, bold flavors.

Tierras Planas Roasters

Tierras Planas will be unable to join us this year, but they have roasted plenty of beans in preparation for the San Antonio Coffee Festival. Please go to their website, by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/SanAntonioCoffeeFest where you can purchase their coffee. You can use discount code SACF2023 at check out. The code is for 25% off $14.00 or more purchase and is good for all of their coffees.
  1. KenyaAA Solai - This direct sourced coffee offers a very big cup with a a large caramel and fruity flavor profile.

  2. Peru - Medium roast washed coffee with caramel apple tones.

  3. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Natural processed coffee featuring a bold fruity and floral flavor profile, coupled with caramel, chocolates and vanilla.

  4. Espresso Blend - Espresso blend starts with a berry flavor profile and transitions to lots of chocolate tones and finishes with a citrus brightness.

Win Gourmet Coffee & Wicked Voodoo Espresso

  1. Viennese Symphony - Our signature espresso blend that brings three high grade Central American beans together to be roasted to a rich Viennese roast that develops the flavors of chocolate, nuts and earthy spices. Finishes bold with hints of syrup and caramels.

  2. Cocoa Loco - Our specialty single origin beans from Central American farms are roasted to a full city roast and then flavored in our artisan kitchens with tastes of Cinnamon, cocao and hints of chilis and nutmeg.

  3. Mystic Medley - A specialty high graded single origin bean from our chosen Central American farms are roasted to a full city roast and then delightfully flavored with Texas Pecan, maple praline and coconut and then we take it over the edge with real toasted coconut flakes.