Black Bexar Coffee

ROAST 1: "Texas Honey Roast"
Specifically Chosen by Black Bexar Coffee, the Costa Rican Honey Processed Coffee Bean: This coffee was selected for its incredibly exceptional cup profile. Given the uniqueness and complexity of the honey process, no two honey coffees are alike. This craft process starts with the strict selection of perfectly ripe cherries; once the coffee is de-pulped, the mucilage is left on, allowing the natural sugars to enhance the coffee's sweetness. The coffee is then dried on African beds or patios, allowing the coffee to dry in a slow and even way. "Black Bexar Coffee team will be in Costa Rica in March of 2023, visiting the specific farm our beans are grown! Keeping to our values of responsibly sourced beans!

What are Honey Roast Coffee Beans? It is a process known for its use of the processing style. After the coffee bean cherry is de-pulped - after the fruit has been stripped off of the beans - the sticky "mucilage" the covering of the bean is left intact, instead of being immediately washed away as it is with a standard "washed coffee," leaving the Honey of the bean!

Leaving that coat on the bean gives the coffee a sweeter taste or honey-like taste. Honey processing has its roots in Costa Rica but spread to other countries in Central America and other countries and places.

In addition to its distinctive taste, it has the environmental benefit of using less water during processing, thus adding conservation of our environment. This, along with our eco-friendly, gas and oil-free roasters, complement our "Texas Honey Roast Coffee."

Specifically Chosen by Black Bexar Coffee our "Texas Honey Roast beans" is rated at 85 and Above Cup Level Coffee. We offer, Light, Medium and Dark Roasts!

Black Bexar (B?jar) Coffee is a service-disabled veteran-owned and operated, Boutique, specialty small batch coffee company. We order premium high grade responsibly sourced specialty coffee beans that we import from around the world. We provide our Texas Honey Roast specialty coffee with eco-friendly gas and oil free roasters in the Hill Country of South Texas! In every Texas Honey Roast Bag of Coffee you receive a "Gift" inside the bag of a fortune Cookie with a Straw of Ethically Sourced Honey! TM, SM-Trademarked Service process of Gifts in Coffee Bags! (C) ?