Creature Coffee Co

ROAST 1: Cocoa Tango
ASPROGUATE, San Martin Jilotepeque, Antigua, Guatemala (Washed)
Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Walnut Crumble, Gooey
Description: Organized back in 2014, the ASPROGUATE Asociaci?n is a collective of small, independent, organic coffee producers. Beyond their dedication to Mother Earth through sustainable practices, they are strong supporters of gender equality (55% of their producing members are women) and they reject all forms of discrimination, (90% of their producing members belong to the Cakchiquel and Tzutujil ethnicities). We rate this coffee so highly, we reserve our coffee direct, for every single harvest (see website for full info).

ROAST 2: Andes 3000
Las Casiana, Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia (Washed)
Tasting notes: Dried Plums | Brown Sugar | Crisp
Description: La Casiana is known for soft, washed coffees that maintain a brilliant acidity, round balanced body, and aromas that can wrap you up like a warm blanket on a cold day in the Andes. Three generations of coffee growers, all convinced that it is their duty to hand over land that is better than they received. Three generations committed to sustainability. And now, their newest generation is committed to the Rainforest standard (see website for full info).

ROAST 3: Oro Goro
Desta Dukale, Hambela, Guji, Ethiopia (Natural)
Tasting Notes: Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry, Juicy.
Description: Desta Dukale's tiny, 10-acre farm is perched at over 2,200 meters above sea level, producing incredible, world famous coffees. Distinct from its notable neighbors, this coffee bursts with complex acidity and a velvety sweetness reminiscent of fruit juice. A truly golden cup! (see website for full info).

Small batch, specialty coffee roaster from weird ol' Austin TX. Carefully, thoughtfully sourced coffees from some of the best farmers on our planet - they only peddle the good stuff!