Resurgence Coffee

ROAST 1: Oaxaca, Organic Cepo
This coffee produced on the high altitude southern slopes of the central mountains in the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico is particularly distinguished for its light body. The term "body" refers to the mouthfeel of the coffee, or the weight/viscosity of the coffee on the tongue. Just as grapes in a wine, where a bean is grown, roast levels and the brew method can all affect the body of coffee. The traditional method of processing in Oaxaca is fully washed, meaning the coffee cherry is removed prior to the sun-drying process commencing. Ours is a medium-roast to empathize the sweat orange notes, slight hints of brown sugar and cocoa.

ROAST 2: Chiapas Turquesa HG
This lot comes from a small group of smallholder producers in Northern Chiapas. The coffee brought to San Cristobal de pas Casas and Yajaln buying stations in Northern Chiapas. The producers plant, harvest, and prepare the coffee by hand. Our roast is medium witch can bring out notes of milk chocolate, nutty, grape, citrus; medium body, cools sweat.

ROAST 3: Ethiopia: Longberry, Harrar
Harrar is know as one of the main coffee-growing regions in Ethiopia?s Eastern Highlands, and it produces a very distinctive wild-variety Arabica. As the name implies, this coffee brings the sought-after flavors of blueberry, and it's naturally processed tin order to bring out the most complimenting flavor possible. This medium-roast brings a smooth full body flavor with a winey, sweet, and bright acidity and fruity notes of blueberry.

Resurgence Coffee intertwines faith, passion and coffee, with the hope of making someone's day a little better, whether through a cup or conversation. We are four friends with a dream to open our own coffee shop with the intention of connecting with others in our community, as well as giving back. We have a passion to make sure we provide the best coffee possible without compromising taste and quality. Part of our mission is to give back to local organizations that provide assistance to those in need. We are excited for the journey ahead of us to begin providing you with organic, fair-trade coffee that is locally roasted just for you.