Springtown Roasters

ROAST 1: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural process
Woman Producer - The birthplace of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia has many distinctive regional varieties across the country. The Yirgacheffe region, located in Southern Ethiopia, is known for producing mellow flavorful coffees. Women producer Tsigue Jigso Oda owns & operates the farm with the help of her children and extended family. She was voted most successful farmer in her locality and has a special permit to export her coffee directly. A smooth cup with notes of rich chocolate, berries and almonds, this coffee is sure to win you over!

ROAST 2: West Java Honey
Coffee has old roots in Java, stemming from the early 1700s when Yemeni coffee seedlings arrived in Indonesia via trade with India. The Dutch East India Company propelled both coffee production and trade between Java and Europe, cementing Java's legendary status as the first origin to widely cultivate coffee outside of Ethiopia and Arabia. On the Blue Sunda estate in West Java, the terrain is so steep that coffee cherries are harvested and transported by scooter instead of four-wheel-drive vehicles. A bright cup with creamy mouthfeel, hinted with earthy notes of dark chocolate, flowers, and spices, this coffee will transport you back in time to the true beginnings of a Mocha Java coffee!

ROAST 3: Papua New Guinea Dark Roast
In the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Keto Tapasi Progress Association has over 325 members who collaborate despite the vast differences in culture and language between their heritage groups. The smallholder farmers rely on sustenance farming on garden-like plots with coffee trees planted around the home. Each farmer depulps, washes, & dries their own harvested beans before taking the Fair Trade Organic coffee to the mill. A lively cup with hints of tropical fruit, nutmeg, and toffee, this coffee will keep you motivated all day long!

ROAST 4: Coffee Soda
Come find out what all the craze is about! A refreshing and exciting coffee drink created by the master roaster of Springtown Roasters. We created a special blend of natural processed coffee and combined it with CO2 to bring you the most exhilarating new way to drink coffee. Perfect to quench your thirst on a hot Texas day, served over ice this coffee will put some focus to your fun! We present the coffee soda unsweetened, but with a bit of simple syrup added and even a dash of cream it takes the experience to a whole new level. Find out which way you like it best!

Women owned, women produced & roasted coffee! We bring the best freshly roasted coffee into your hands and your cup. We source quality single-origin beans from around the world. Giving back to the community is great passion of ours. We donate a percentage of our sales to local 501c3 organizations who are dedicated to helping people, pets, and the environment.