Beans & Brews Coffee House

ROAST 1: "Kenya Narok"

"Western" Kenya is often used as a catch-all for any coffees grown west of Nairobi. However, there is a vast diversity of terrain. This particular lot, from Narok county in Kenya's extreme southwest, features notes of blueberry, kiwi, mango, and chocolate.

ROAST 2: "Ethiopia Yiracheffe"

This varietal is grown in the Gedeo Zone, a region long considered a benchmark for beauty and complexity in arabica coffee, and in the past decade the Gedeb district has achieved a kind of sub-label all its own, thanks to an increasing diversity of single farmers and independent processors. This coffee is layered, packed with fruit juice acidity, and reminds us of guava paste and Darjeeling tea.

ROAST 3: "Bali Blue Moon"

Bali Blue Moon is a staple named after the hallmark bluish hue of the bean produced from the wet-hulling process called Giling Basah in the Indonesian language. The bulk of Bali's coffee production comes from small family-owned farms where each producer uses a few acres to cultivate coffee along with citrus trees in the volcanic soils of Mount Agung's Kintamani highlands.

Beans & Brews Coffee House, established in 1993 in Salt Lake City, specializes in high-altitude roasting for smoother, more intense coffee flavors. They exclusively use Arabica beans, known for their rich aroma and taste. The coffee house also features a unique FBA (Flavor, Body, Acidity) coding system to help customers understand the taste profiles of their different roasts. More than just a coffee shop, Beans & Brews is a community hub, priding itself on a welcoming atmosphere and commitment to quality, locally roasted coffee.