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The specially designed Tasting Flight is the featured highlight of the event. The Tasting Flight is an informal version of a traditional “coffee cupping” which is the practice by which a professional coffee taster attempts to measure aspects of the coffee’s aroma and taste, specifically the body, flavor, acidity, sweetness, and aftertaste much like sommeliers evaluate wines.​

Choose from 80+ coffees locally roasted and artfully brewed by those shown below. Click on a roaster to see more info on them or click on the buttons below to find the full tasting menu or see the full list of roasters. Come taste your way around the globe.

Bay Brew and Third Day Coffee

Black Bexar Coffee

Cafe Azteca

Cafe Cultura Coffee Roasters

Cafetos Roaster Company

Cafetto Specialty Coffee

Classic Rock Coffee Co.

Coffee Me Crazy

Concerto Coffee

Creature Coffee Co

Dos Perros

HeBrews Coffee


Merit Coffee

Minutiae Coffee Roasters

Olla Express

Poetic Roasters

Pulp Coffee Roasters

Puro Nitro

Quantum Coffee Roasters

Rabusta Coffee & Trading

Resurgence Coffee

Springtown Roasters

Texas Grounds Coffee Company

Tierras Plans Roasters

Win Gourmet Coffee & Wicked Voodoo Espresso

Jacob's Bear Coffee logo

Breakaway Coffee Co

Early Bird Coffee