Dos Perros

ROAST 1: Java Kayumas
A Dos Perros Favorite. A washed Catimor/Typica bean with hints of chocolate, nuts, & cinnamon to round off with a very smooth finish. A distinct full flavor with low acidity that will make you smile any time of the day!

ROAST 2: Fiesta Blend
an Indonesia & Central American blend created to celebrate the Celebration of the Battle of San Jacinto. The roast was created to bring the spicy yet smooth flavors of these two regions. Raise your cup to Texas Independence and enjoy the taste of Fiesta!

ROAST 3: Yemen Mocca Hajjah
A hearty bean from Hajjah area of Yemen, grows almost exclusively in the steep slopes and sandy loam of this region. It is said to be the origin of the first coffee plant. Due to international trade disruption and hardships, the availability of this coffee is usually limited. With cupping notes of berry and dark chocolate, enjoy this limited time coffee.

ROAST 4: Sulawesi Kalossi
widely recognized for low acidity, mellow flavor & sweet after taste. The washed, Bourbon coffee plays an important role in our loved cold brew coffee. Give it a try!

Dos Perros Coffee is a company that started truly from the heart. A loving husband wanted his wife to have the best, the freshest coffee available. So he decided to roast it himself. Over time, the love of coffee and finding the perfect roast led to a desire to share this passion with others. Dos Perros Coffee was born. As part of our community outreach, we partner with different dog rescue groups each month to bring awareness and support to reducing and eliminating the homeless dog population in our city.