Dos Perros

ROAST 1: Java
single origin coffee from the Indonesian region of Kayumas. This organic coffee is of Typica variety with full body, medium balance and sweetness. Cupping notes include baking spice, light chocolate. Good with medium to darker roasts. A great cup of coffee anytime of the day!

ROAST 2: Costa Rican
This well balanced Caturra variety hails from the beautiful La Minita Tarrazu farm. This Rainforest Certified Alliance coffee brings exceptional balance with cupping notes of citrus, carmelized sugar and chocolate with a smooth finish. Que Rico!

ROAST 3: Yemen
This Dawaery, Tuffahi variety is from the Hajjah region of Yemen, the birthplace of coffee. This difficult to source coffee carries a medium sweetness and balance with cupping notes of blueberry, dried strawberry, anise, and dark chocolate. Enjoy a cup with an evening dessert!

ROAST 4: Fiesta Blend
A San Antonio original! Created with love by the Dos Perros Coffee family. This blend of Indonesian and Central American coffees creates the perfect combination of liveliness, balance, and fun...just like our San Antonio Fiesta that we all know and love. Coffee in one hand, Churro in the other...Viva Fiesta!!!

Dos Perros Coffee is a company that started truly from the heart. A loving husband wanted his wife to have the best, the freshest coffee available. So he decided to roast it himself. Over time, the love of coffee and finding the perfect roast led to a desire to share this passion with others. Dos Perros Coffee was born. As part of our community outreach, we partner with different dog rescue groups each month to bring awareness and support to reducing and eliminating the homeless dog population in our city.