10:00 am, Mar 02

Espresso - the Art & Science


Sylvia Miller | San Antonio Barista Academy

Espresso - the Art & Science: Embark on an exhilarating exploration into espresso, where the art and science collide in a caffeinated crescendo. Join Sylvia Miller to unravel the intricacies of pulling the perfect shot. Delight in the dance of flavors and aromas, and discover how the science of pressure and precision transforms coffee into liquid art. Immerse yourself in the joy of learning while connecting with like-minded enthusiasts, and let the communal buzz of espresso appreciation cultivate a coffee community like no other!

 10:30 am, Mar 02

Roasting Coffee at Home


Roasting Coffee at Home | Shannon McIntush, Friday Coffee Roasters

Roasting Coffee at Home: Roam into the realm of roasting as Shannon McIntush showcases the joys of roasting coffee. Revel in the roasting ritual, where beans transform into golden nuggets of ready to burst with flavor in your cup. Engage in a hands-on experience that goes beyond the basics. Connect with fellow home roasters, sharing stories, tips, and aromatic triumphs. The joy of learning to roast at home becomes a shared delight, cultivating a community of homegrown coffee aficionados.

 11:00 am, Mar 02

Moka Pot Brewing


Moka Pot Brewing | Linda Brewster

Marvel at the magic of Moka Pot Brewing in our workshop designed for enthusiasts seeking a flavorful journey and a fun way to gather over a put of coffee. Learn the luscious language of Moka Pot as Linda Brewster, founder of San Antonio COFFEE Festival, shares the history, demystifying this fascinating process and infusing it with mindfulness. Connect with other pot enthusiasts, share techniques, and partake in a communal exploration of this timeless brewing method. The aroma-filled atmosphere fosters connections, and together we cultivate a community grounded in the joy of being present.

 11:30 am, Mar 02

Coffee & Connections


Cherie Neyrey | Mercury: Transforming People & Cultures

Indulge in the irresistible allure of leveraging the power of coffee to strengthen your personal connections. Let Cherie Neyrey, an expert consultant in transforming people and culture, guide you on a journey exploring the richness coffee adds to our lives and its transformational role in fostering relationships across cultures over the centuries. Adding depth and complexity to this experience, we'll engage in a hands-on demo of Clever-brewed Café au Lait, where the subtle bitterness of chicory intertwines with divine creamy richness. Savor this brief break from our fast-paced world. Delve into harnessing your superpower for positive change. Let's brew, bond, and build a community grounded in the shared passion for coffee and the connections it cultivates!

 12:00 pm, Mar 02

Ready to Drink


Stephanie Thornton | Finlay

Ready to Drink: Rejoice in the realm of Ready to Drink natural beverages as Stephanie Thornton showcases the potential and convenience of bottled bliss for coffee and other natural beverages.. Immerse yourself in the joy of learning about the various ready-to-drink options, from cold brews to infused delights. Connect with others who share your passion for grab-and-go gourmet, and let the collective excitement shape a community that sips and savors the convenience and creativity in every ready-to-drink sip.

 12:30 pm, Mar 02

Dirty Chai


Andrea Ley of Cafe de Olla & Vivek Poovathoor of Oonyall - Drink the Chai You Deserve

Dirty Chai: Dive into the delightful dance of flavors with Dirty Chai in our workshop designed for those who relish the fusion of coffee with tea. Revel in the joy of learning as we explore the harmonious blend of chai spices and espresso. Connect with fellow Dirty Chai enthusiasts, share your preferred ratios, and contribute to a community steeped in the aromatic embrace of this unconventional, yet irresistible, concoction - uniquely combining Andrea's precious family coffee recipes from Mexico with Vivek's family heritage from the Nilgiri Mountains in South India.

 1:00 pm, Mar 02

Cold Brew Coffee


Lisa Torrez | Dos Perros Coffee

An exhilarating expedition into the icy allure of this beverage bursting with exuberant popularity, celebrated for its smoothness, flexibility, and subtlety. Expert local coffee entrepreneur, Liaa Torrez, will share tantalizing tips for brewing the perfect batch, from bean selection to steeping strategies. Participate in an extraordinary experience to learn more about cold brew coffee. Uncover a myriad of health benefits, from lower acidity to heightened caffeine content. Come savor the camaraderie as we chill out with cold brew, a refreshing delight meant to be shared and celebrated!

 1:30 pm, Mar 02

Future of Coffee - from Seed to Cup


Eric Brenner | The Center for Coffee Research and Education (a member of the Texas A&M University system and a branch of the Borlaug Institute)

Future of Coffee - From Seed to Cup - Come Be a Part!: Envision the exciting evolution of coffee from seed to cup. Immerse yourself in the joy of learning about sustainable practices, innovative cultivation methods, and the global journey coffee takes. Discover how the global coffee supply chain is threatened by climate change impacts. Let Eric Brenner share how the Texas-based Center for Coffee Research & Education is collaborating with coffee farmers to find sustainable solutions that enable the industry to thrive. Learn how this internationally acclaimed group has been focusing on supporting coffee roasters' expertise and nuturing networks across the globe to strengthen the industry. Gain unprecedented insights into first-hand experiences from scientific labs to beloved coffee farms. Connect with forward-thinking coffee aficionados, share visions of the future, and become an integral part of a community committed to shaping the destiny of coffee - right here in Texas!

 2:00 pm, Mar 02

The Waves of Specialty Coffee


James Mireles | Pulp Coffee Roasters

Wade into waves of the specialty coffee industry with expert James Mireles. Glimpse back at the roots of the specialty coffee growth. Dive into understanding what makes specialty coffee so special. Explore why Texas is uniquely positioned to explode onto the international coffee stage. Come connect with aficionados who ride the same caffeinated waves. James will share expert insights into harnessing the magic of V60 pour-over brewing to masterfully encourage extractions that balance flavor, clarity, and satisfying body. Let the specialty coffee journey unite us in a community that appreciates the nuanced surf of every sip. Come be a part of creating the next wave of specialty coffee - right here in San Antonio's Travis Park!

 2:30 pm, Mar 02

Coffee Cocktail: Carajillo


Nina Rodriguez | Barista Kats

Coffee Cocktail: Carajillo: Sip into the sensational realm of Coffee Cocktails with our Carajillo workshop featuring San Antonio’s beloved Barista Kats! Savor the joy of learning to craft creative caffeinated concoctions – blending with the spirited world of mixology. Connect with fellow cocktail enthusiasts, shake up ideas, and become part of a community that elevates coffee to new levels.
Let the shared enjoyment of coffee cocktails shake and stir a community bound by the pleasure of creative coffee libations. Join us in our traditional finale cocktail of every Coffee Festival. Salud!