Minutiae Coffee Roasters

ROAST 1: Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe
The town of Yirgacheffe is in Ethiopia's Sidamo region which produces some of the highest quality coffees in the world. This beautiful coffee is washed processed, complex yet well-balanced. Silky texture with notes of chocolate, heavy fruit, and sweet honey. Enjoy the long, lingering finish. Great as regular brewed coffee or iced coffee.

ROAST 2: Gratitude Blend
We call it Gratitude because it symbolizes everything we?re thankful for. As roasters we are thankful for the farmers that grow and nurture our coffee, for the coffee lovers who enjoy our coffee, and the partners who source our beans. Gratitude is a blend of South/Central American coffees with flavor notes of molasses, granola, cocoa, and orange zest. This coffee hits just right any time of day and feels like a warm hug! Great as regular drip coffee or espresso.

ROAST 3: Mexico - Chiapas
From the Soconusco region of Chiapas produced by smallholders in association with cooperatives that help maintain sustainability. This is a wash processed coffee grown in extremely high altitudes, which brings out the chocolate and nutty notes with a hint of citrus. This is a smooth, well-rounded coffee excellent as a regular brew, cold brew, or espresso.

ROAST 4: Get Crackin' House Blend
Developed exclusively for the Cracked Mug Coffee House in Helotes, Texas. The Get Crackin? House Blend is a smooth and hearty medium roast, with flavor notes of caramel and brown sugar. This blend leaves a lingering impression that will have you coming back for more! It's just what you need to get your morning started.

Minutiae Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roaster in San Antonio with a passion for creating flavor profiles that offer an unforgettable experience. We believe that quality coffee is best extracted through a holistic approach, which includes all the minute details involved in production and development. Specialty coffee, at its core, involves and respects every aspect of the coffee supply chain to ensure long-term sustainability and high-quality production. Our mission is to produce high-quality coffee that showcases the various flavor profiles found in different coffee growing regions around the world. We accomplish this by giving serious attention to every tiny detail involved in the coffee we produce for our customers. All the way from farm to cup. That?s essential...that?s our passion...that?s Minutiae! We have been especially inspired by the coffee culture in the Pacific Northwest and are delighted to share in the local coffee communities here in Texas.