ROAST 1: "COSTA RICAN - Taza de Tarraz?"

Indulge in the enchanting symphony of our single-origin Costa Rican - Taza de Tarraz?, a medium-roast from the Palmares region grown at 1400 meters (4,593 ft.) altitude, harvest method is - hand washed and sundried. This coffee unveils a harmonious blend of velvety richness and bright acidity. Savor the smooth and subtle citrus undertones, perfectly complemented by a wine-like acidity. Roasted in small batches for unparalleled freshness, each sip transports you to the lush landscapes of Tarraz?, where passion and precision unite to create a sensory masterpiece.

ROAST 2: "San Antonio Pecan"

Embark on a journey with our San Antonio Pecan, lightly roasted from our single-origin beans from Chiapas, Mexico. Experience the toasted pecan flavor, delicately intertwined with the gentle earthiness of Chiapas. This exquisite blend offers a comforting, light-bodied indulgence. The enchanting aroma is reminiscent of caramelized pecans and subtle chocolate hints. Taste the natural richness and charm of our exceptional blend, capturing the essence of pecans in every delightful sip.

La Cafetera Coffee Co. was founded in 22' by a mother-daughter duo from Los Angeles, California, deeply rooted in Mexican and Texan cultures, and now thriving in San Antonio. Mia, with 20 years as a chef, and Azriella, with 10 years of graphic design, combined forces to passionately craft quality coffee. Inspired by our Abuelita's traditions, our commitment reaches beyond coffee to support the arts, enriching the vibrant San Antonio community. Join our coffee familia for a rich, diverse experience where every cup supports a dream.