Tacuba Coffee Co

ROAST 1: "El Sol"

Medium Roast (the sun) is our latest medium roast which embodies notes banana and peach with lingering bits of chocolate. It is perfect for brewing drip and pour over.

ROAST 2: "La Cascada"

Medium Roast (waterfall) embodies the perfect nutty complexity provided from a single origin bean. Balanced with notes of full-bodied chocolates and hints of honey, having very light acidity. This roast is great for any kind of brewing method from cold brew to pour-over.

ROAST 3: "Izalco"

Dark Roast named after the Izalco volcano, the roast of this coffee highlights the cacao and light grape notes. As it is a honey process dark roast, the rich flavors present in the bean makes it easy to drink without additives.

ROAST 4: "El Arco"

Dark Roast (the ark region) is a unique dark roast featuring little to no oil coating the bean as it is roasted very meticulously to provide dark chocolate and vanilla notes without the smoky taste. This roast features little acidity.

Tacuba Coffee Co. Is A Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Which Provides High Quality Coffee To Coffee Lovers Worldwide. Our Coffee Is Currently Acquired From The Family-Owned Bella Vista Farm And Other Single Origin Salvadoran Farms With The Goal Of Supporting The Local Economy Through The Payment Of Fair Wages.