Cafe Cultura

ROAST 1: "HueHuetenango" (weh-weh-ten-awen-go)
A medium roast coffee. Hints of brown sugar and chocolate. Make it cold brew, pour over or French press, this is a versatile blend that will make a rich satisfying cup all day, everyday! This particular lot was grown and processed by an all-women's coffee cooperative in the Huehuetenango (wehweh-tehnango) Highland region in Guatemala. One of the highest growing regions. In this region coffee is the primary, and in most cases, the only income producing crop.

ROAST 2: "Ciudad Vieja"
A perfect medium roast, offering a well balanced body in the cup with fruity and floral flavors. It's a versatile coffee that can be used as an espresso, french press, or make a perfect pour over. This coffee comes from the region of Antigua, a region well known for high quality, specialty coffee's for Guatemala. This coffee is grown and cultivated by the Coffee Growers of San Miguel Escobar, a 16 member cooperative. Each individual member owns, grows, and cultivates their coffee along the slopes of Volcan Agua, An extinct volcano, named after the historic mudflow that caused massive destruction in Antigua in the mid-1500's. Coffee's are grown at altitudes for 1,300m and higher.

ROAST 3: "Lago Atitlan"
Named after its region of cultivation, Lago Atitlan is a massive crater lake surrounded by three majestic volcanoes. This coffee is a natural process, allowing the cherry to dry and ferment on the coffee seeds prior to washing and processing. Just like its landscape, this coffee boasts complex flavors of fruity, floral, and bright tones. When you first open the bag you'll be reminded of chocolate covered cherries. Enjoy in your favorite brew, it offers a light yet flavorful espresso, and does well as a french press.

The Lago Atitlan region is beautiful, protected and rich in Mayan indigenous culture. This coffee is brought to you by the Ija'tz (Eee-hahts) cooperative. A 35 member group that uses indigenous agricultural practices, as well as native vegetation as a commitment to environmental preservation. Coffee is grown on the slopes of Volc?n Toliman, one of three extinct volcanoes in the Atitlan region.

We are a coffee roaster committed to the transparency and education surrounding coffee. There is a story behind every cup and and every roasted bean. We're here to share those stories and traditional Latin American roots. There is an awestruck beauty and majesty to Central America, something that is often overlooked, being a country only slightly larger than the state of Kentucky. I'm so excited to share a little piece of my country with you!