Creature Coffee Co

ROAST 1: "Cocoa Tango"

San Martin, Antigua, Guatemala
Tasting notes: Caramel Apple, Baking Chocolate, Crisp

ROAST 2: "Minita Magic"

La Minita Estate, Costa Rica
Tasting notes: Golden Raisin, Honeydew, Velvety

ROAST 3: "Mimi Muduga"

Nano Genji Lot 14, Ethiopia
Tasting notes: Fresh Apricot, Oolong Tea, Silky


We're a specialty coffee roaster in Austin TX. Sweet, flavorful, interesting coffees. We source and celebrate coffee producers who are growing some insanely tasty coffee varietals, pushing the boundaries on processing methods, and doing what's right for their environment along the way. We want to share their fruits, their flavors, and their story with you. And somewhere along the line, we'd love to share a smile or belly giggle along the way.