Dos Perros Coffee

ROAST 1: Dos Perros Cold Brew Blend
Our perfect blend for making the best cold brew! A combination of our favorite Indonesian coffees that brings out a spicy, sweet flavor that comes from true cold brewing. A low acidity with sweet aftertaste makes this coffee taste great alone or with your favorite condiments.

ROAST 2: Ethiopian Durato Bombe
Our new favorite! Heirloom variety hailing from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. The full body coffee carries sweet, fruity notes which carries over well in a light, to medium light roast. Also recommended for espresso.

ROAST 3: Dos Perros Fiesta Blend
A DP classic hailing from our first King William Fair and we never looked back! A top five fan favorite combines subtle notes from Central America and spicy, sweet notes from Indonesia. Its like Fiesta in a cup!

ROAST 4: Papua New Guinea Organic Decaf
A creamy, sweet coffee popular with our decaf. friends. Hailing from a region in PNG which produces less coffee cherries resulting in a more complex and concentrated bean. This Bourbon/Typica variety is Swiss water processed to create a clean decaf. you can feel good about. Hands down our most popular decaf.

Local specialty coffee roasters specializing in creating a custom roast for your unique coffee experience.

Available for coffee catering, special events, and espresso bar with custom drink menu with choice of set up, pop up, or our mobile coffee & eats trailer.

Need a coffee that is unique to your business? We custom roast, bag, and label with your company name and logo. Great for customer gifts, ABNB rentals and more.