Foretold Coffee Co.

ROAST 1: "Peruvian Cocoa"

Our Peruvian Cocoa is a smooth, light roasted coffee with a structured approach for customers stepping into the specialty coffee space. Coffee drinkers usually associate 'light roasts' with high acidity (overly tart, sour) and a tea-like body. By roasting just past the first crack, we can maintain a light roasted profile while providing a deep, bright and vibrant experience.

ROAST 2: "El Salvadoran Bourbon"

The El Salvadoran Bourbon has been a favorite since the friends and family roast. A balanced 'medium' coffee provides the sweetest, nectar-like notes of a light roast with the 'caramelized' full body of dark roast. If this is your first time trying a single origin coffee, we strongly recommend starting here. The number one piece of feedback we've received with this coffee is that it does not need honey, cream or sugar. Some customers have gone as far as to pour out the cup in favor of having just the coffee itself.

ROAST 3: "Mexican Honey"

Our Mexican Honey was heavily inspired by the midwestern coffee scene. In the Midwest and South, when folks say they want their coffee dark, they mean it. Commercial coffee has a tendency to over roast while specialty coffee looks down on dark roasts. Foretold Coffee Co. doesn't agree with either approach. A good dark roast does not have to taste burnt; floral/berry taste notes can be achieved. We stop roasting right at the beginning of the Full French process to extrapolate the oils from the beans while keeping as much flavor from the coffee itself as possible. If you are an espresso drinker, enjoy your coffee with cream and sugar, this one's for you.

Foretold Coffee Co. serves coffee and culture to outdoor enthusiasts. Our single origin roasts are inspired by our lived experience on the mountain, designed to invoke the calm, meditative moments that we cherish at every summit in every cup. We are committed to preserving our natural world and inspiring everyone to get outdoors. We source full bodied coffees, providing a wide range of taste notes from traditional caramel and chocolate to floral and berry. By pushing each coffee in the roasting process, we can encapsulate lighter taste notes, while presenting them in a full bodied, darker roasted bean.