Jacobs Bear Coffee Roastery

ROAST 1: "Tanzania Mwangoka Nectar Natural"
Notes of Raspberry, Honey, Star Fruit & Black Tea.

Jacobs Bear Coffee is a small business owned by David and Brenda Jacobs. The 'Bear' came from the love David has for his wife Brenda in that they call each other bear-names in their personal life; Oso Cafe (Brown Bear) & Oso Polar (Polar Bear), and 'Jacobs' is their last name to put confidence in their brand and coffee.
They started this coffee journey back in 2018 in Salinas California and have since then moved their craft to the great state of Texas where they now reside in the charming city of San Antonio. They now do small batch roasting, where they rotate specific types of beans frequently, so that the customer gets to try and expand their knowledge on the various flavors of coffee the world has to offer.
Premium Coffee Simplified - A slogan they've used since the beginning. When it comes to their customers, they encourage them to ask questions if they're not sure what or how a certain coffee works. They use simple explanations on their bags, menus and charts to help their customers understand how coffee works. They also stick to their 4 principle core values, which have not led them astray; which include: Quality, Excellent Customer Service, Efficiency and most importantly ...Taste.