Matt's Good Coffee

ROAST 1: "Ring-o-Fire"
Single Origin coffees from both sides of the Pacific Rim set the tone for this mildly-bold and smooth-drinking blend. Topped off with Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a sip of this all-around blend will prove to you that it's our most popular medium roast of our blended line-up.

ROAST 2: "Day-to-Day"
This Breakfast-Style blend is lightly-bold and great for a quick cuppa on your way to work in the morning. Mexican Oaxaca is the anchor for this blend that is balanced by smooth-drinking Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Bold, Base-Note Java that is sure to please the Moka-Java lover in your home.

ROAST 3: "Market Blend"
This dark and bold blend is the most robust in our line-up and is meant for those coffee lovers who enjoy the smooth smokiness of a solid Vienna Roast. This cup takes Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to a new level of flavor, and balances the Colombian anchor with Bold Sumatra Mandheling. For the cigar-loving, scotch-drinking foodie in your home, this cup fills in the smoky dark side of our coffee lineup.

ROAST 4: "Costa Rica "El Conquistador""
These Costa Rican coffee beans come from one of the exceptional coffee farms around the Tarrazu region near Hacienda La Minita. This arabica bean is a classic Tarrazu exhibiting the fruity, nutty characteristics that make this region's coffees famous. Brightness, body, complexity, aroma, and good balance are all clearly apparent. It has the classic "piquant" acidity and lively winey flavor expected of the region's best coffees.

We are a small batch roaster in San Antonio producing coffee blends made of 100% Organic greens from 8 different origins. Our most popular blends are smooth and mild, but range from there up to light and crisp and down to dark and bold. We will be bring samples of all 3 ends our blend spectrum and look forward to serving the best coffee blends in town!