Rabusta Coffee

ROAST 1: "Civet Coffee (Kopi Luwak)"

Our farm is located near actual producers of this extremely rare coffee. Civets only eat choice berries, their 'magic' is collected, cleaned and roasted. We follow strict Philippine FDA guidelines to assure quality and authenticity.

ROAST 2: "Asian Keto Espresso"

We make a lot of our farmed / roasted coffee into coffee truffles. To introduce the Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon), we will be producing red silk creamy coffee with a touch of ginseng.

ROAST 3: "Blonde Keto Espresso"

Coffee truffles made from our freshly lite roasted Benguet coffee beans. A rich creamy coffee, non-acidic. Our most popular product.

ROAST 4: "Pinoy Brew"

Our favorite Filippino coffee, blends our farm roasted Barako and Benguet coffee beans. A distinctively biting arabica flavor.

We own and operate several small coffee and cacao farms in the Philippines where we grow Liberica coffee beans and Criollo cacao. Our farmers work directly for Rabusta Coffee, planting, clearing, harvesting and roasting our beans. As we grow, they enjoy the benefits of our successful operation.

All our products are produced and packaged from facility in Seabrook, Texas.