Redemption 3:16 Coffee Company

ROAST 1: "Passion"
A Latin-American combination featuring exquisite beans from Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. The cocoa-laden, full-bodied nature of this blend is covered with notes of rustic and brown sugars, and hints of caramel, nuts, and various berries and fruits - so many flavors come through as the cup cools! Best at Medium to Medium Dark! Simply delicious!

ROAST 2: "Amazing Grace"
Heavy on the fruits, berries, and sugars but with a huge blast of body. This exceptional African blend from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda boasts a 90.7 on the cupper's scale and will leave your palate craving more! Flavors like dried blueberry, cranberry, chocolate-covered raisins, green apple, and orange spiced tea will delight your taste buds as the cup cools.

ROAST 3: "Armor of God"
We are proud to offer this powerful blend of beans from Ethiopia, Burundi, and Timor Leste armed with impressive body, immense fruit and berry notes, and dusted with a sugary cocoa-laden top.


Redemption 3:16 Coffee Company is a faith-based Christian coffee roasting company producing exceptional coffee for a greater purpose. Our passion is to help those who are without a place to call home, those who are oppressed, and those who are in need of redemption. Powered by Redemption for God's glory.