Texas Grounds Coffee Company

ROAST 1: "Republic"
This medium roast coffee is our most popular and the blend we use in both of our brick and mortar locations. A perfect blend of Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia coffees. Chocolate notes smoothly transition to a bright finish. This is the blend we are sampling all day!

ROAST 2: "Come and Take It"
Our signature blend, Republic, roasted dark and delicious. We are selling bags of whole bean and ground.

ROAST 3: "Remember the Alamo"
This single-origin Ethiopian coffee is bright and has notes of citrus and berry. If you love a light roast, this one is for you! Try this low acid roast today! We are selling whole bean and ground.

ROAST 4: "DD214"
A superb single-origin Guatemalan coffee. Smooth, with hints of cocoa. A fan favorite for sure! Get a bag or 3 today! Whole bean or ground, we have both!

Meet Phil and Jen! As neighbors do, they got to talking and replied that they shared the same ambitions; to run a company that brings Texans together over a great cup of coffee. So, they made the leap and left their careers to pursue that goal! 7 years later they have two locations in Helotes, TX. A bakery, coffee shop and bed and breakfast as well as a bagel shop and drive through. Their love of Texas is apparent. The demand for their coffee is quickly growing. The next time you life a freshly roasted cup to your lips, smile, knowing that you are supporting a dream. *Veteran Owned *Wholesale Options *White Labeling *Coffee Cuppings *Local Roaster