Win Roasting Company and Wicked Voodoo Espresso

ROAST 1: "Viennese Symphony"
Our Wicked signature blend. Medium dark roasted three bean blend of El Salvadorian, Mexican and Nicaraguan beans. Bold chocolate and caramel notes with fruit and berry finish. Excellent Espresso shots.

ROAST 2: "Cocoa Loco"
Single origan flavored coffee. Our best seller of flavored coffees is a medium roasted single origan El Salvadorian bean that is roasted to release the sweetness of the natural dried bean, flavored with Cinnamon, Cayenne and chocolate.

ROAST 3: "Commando!"
This roast was created for our finest special forces of Hurlburt Airforce base in Florida. The pilots requested a Medium light roast single origan El Salvador's finest graded beans to get an interesting light fruity flavor from the finest cup of coffee for our very finest. Join the ranks!

ROAST 4: "Mystic Medley"
Mystic Medley is the brain child of our founder. She wanted a medium roasted single origan coffee (El Salvadorian is her go to) that gave warmth and a little surprise! We flavor this sweet show stopper with Praline, Pecan and real toasted coconut. A MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Specialty Coffee Roaster located in New Braunfels. Woman owned, family ran, and staffed by the best. Our philanthropy goals are to be a catalyst for the cure of cancer by contribution of education to the children of Central America. Currently working with farmers of El Salvador who have the same heart.